StreeTex - 1 gal


StreeTex - 1 gal
  • Get it Clean the First Time.Pre-spotting with Streetex is the best prevention against recleans. Quickly sprayed over general areas where soil can normally be expected and over visible stains elsewhere, Streetex penetrates and loosens most water-soluble stains quickly and effectively. Stains can then be flushed from fabric in the drycleaning process.
  • Necklines, underarms, hemlines, pockets and cuffs are areas where you can generally expect to find common soiling. If pre-spotted with Streetex, these stains can easily be removed with minimum time and trouble. Because spray spotting is so fast, easy and effective, many drycleaners have made it a habit to pre-spot just about every garment.
  • Goes to Work Faster.
  • Acts as a Leveling Agent.
  • Helps Clean Heavily Soiled Loads.
  • Removes Stains Safely.

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