Folding Table TFD-244


Brand Caco
SKU: TFD-244-Holly Red

Sol-O-matic© TFD-244 Folding Table

These tables are made to order and take 6-8 Weeks to ship.

  • Folding Tables provide colorful, eye-appealing work surfaces that are seamless
  • Easy-to-clean, and chemical resistant
  • Tables have been known to stay in service over 30 years
  • Withstands time and wear
  • Stop ledges keep clean clothes from falling on the floor
  • Work surfaces are at the preferred 34" height and have 3" high stop ledges at the ends and back to greatly increase the usable area
  • Table height provides ample clearance under the top for laundry cart storage
  • The standard color for all metal parts is black
  • All "TFD" style tables have sturdy 1-1/2" square tubular steel leg units secured directly to steel cross frames bracing the table top
  • Available with a number of accessories and options to enhance their customer pleasing convenience, including: clothes racks, upper shelves, and built-in trash containers
  • Ships in 6 to 8 weeks

Dimensions: 24" x 48" X 37"