Spotless HC - 1 gal


Spotless HC - 1 gal
  • Do you worry about problems from wet pre-spotting in hydrocarbon or petroleum solvent systems? Do you have concerns about contaminating your system with spotting agents that you've applied to remove soils? Do you want to improve soil removal and get fragile articles clean on the first try, even when using short running times? Do you want more cleaning power for heavily soiled classifications? Then you need the cleaning power and flexibility of SPOTLESS HC.
  • SPOTLESS HC is a flexible soil release agent that is fast, easy, and effective when used in any of three ways: as a pre-treatment, a stain removal agent, or as a batch additive.
  • SPOTLESS HC provides the extra cleaning power you need to clean it once and be done, often by simply applying it to the soiled area and running in your normal cycle.
  • Less Trouble than Re-Cleans
  • Less Time Consuming than Spotting
  • Less Costly than Re-Cleans.
  • Less Danger to Sensitive Fabrics

For Safety Data Sheet (SDS) click here