StreePro, 12 oz.


StreePro, 12 oz.
  • Safest for Protein Stains‰ã¢Safety to color and fabric is a spotter‰Ûªs first concern, especially with today‰Ûªs challenging fabrics and dyes. But in order to keep customers happy, stains must also be removed effectively, That‰Ûªs why StreePRO is designed to remove protein stains without damaging fabrics or dyes.
  • StreePRO is specially formulated to remove frequently encountered stains like food, milk, blood, perspiration, baby formula and urine. For safe, fast and effective removal of protein stains, choose StreePRO.
  • Remains Safe, Even When Applying Steam.
  • Quick and Easy Stain Removal.
  • Effectively Removes Last Traces of Ink Stains.

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