Spotsgo - Gal


SpotsGo - Gal
  • SpotsGo adds the muscle you need to make tough spots go.
  • It penetrates fabric to knock out stains during cleaning or washing
  • It's a winner at removing ground-in soil, perspiration, collar and cuff stains and many food and beverage stains
  • There's no need to brush, just spray it on and let it work.
  • SpotsGo is perfect for all kinds of garments - from raincoats, golf pants and khakis to fine garments and formal gowns.
  • It's safe for use on most fabrics and colors not affected by water or detergent.
  • SpotsGo has a pleasant scent, is environmentally friendly and complies with California Prop-65 and VOC regulations.
  • It is compatible with perc and petroleum drycleaning systems, as well as all laundry and wetcleaning.

For Safety Data Sheet (SDS) click here