Removes Tough Odors. Fast Eliminating odors is a critical part of any cleaning professional job. Consumers expect their garments to be returned odor-free; it is one of the primary reasons that they bring items in to be cleaned. You need an additive that can remove odors quickly and permanently; you need RescueTEX. RescueTEX is highly effective odor eliminating technology. All professional cleaners face challenging odors and can benefit from RescueTEX. Whether you do restoration work and clean items damaged by smoke, floods, or other disasters, or are fighting the challenging odors encountered in regular cleaning, RescueTEX comes to the rescue. RescueTEX can be used in drycleaning, laundry or wetcleaning applications. RescueTEX may also be used in spray applications on individual items prior to processing or on items that are processed by hand or outside of the machine, such as shoes, purses, luggage, stuffed animals and upholstery.


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