Collar Power - 1 gal - Collar Stains


Collar Power - 1 gal
  • Scrubs Out Collar and Cuff Grime
  • Cleaners know that many customers choose their drycleaner based on the quality of the laundered shirt they produce. So the ability to deliver a clean shirt can have a big impact on drycleaning volume.
  • A shirt collar with residual grime will be the first thing a customer sees when they pick up their shirts. (Don't let this happen to you!) So retain valuable customers by putting Collar Power to work for you.
  • Collar Power is a concentrated laundry pre-treatment that is very effective in removing oily dirt commonly found on the collars and cuffs of laundered shirts, usually without brushing.
  • Collar Power works equally well on other laundered items, such as khakis and golf shirts.
  • Collar Power provides the extra cleaning power you need to remove heavy soil and oils from many laundered items.
  • More Power.
  • Less Brushing.
  • Easy Rinsing.
  • Less Costly than Re-Wash.

Spray bottle not included.

For Safety Data Sheet (SDS) click here