Ares HE Green Liquid Detergent - 3.2 fl.oz. - Coin Vend

SKU: 00050
Ares HE Green Liquid Detergent - 3.2 fl.oz. - Coin Vend
Ares HE Green Liquid Detergent - 3.2 fl.oz. - Coin Vend
Ares HE Green Liquid Detergent - 3.2 fl.oz. - Coin Vend

Ares HE Green Liquid Detergent - 3.2 fl.oz. - Coin Vend

SKU: 00050
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  • Ares HE Green Liquid Detergent is a Green liquid detergent for vending in a convenient bottle
  • Biodegradable, made from naturally derived surfactants
  • Made without dyes, fragrances and petroleum based cleaners
  • Used in all equipment including conventional top loading washing machines, as well as, high efficiency front loaders
  • Dimensions: 4.5"L x 2.75" W x 1.0625" H
  • Color: Green Liquid
  • Measure: 54 per case
  • Weight: 16.3lbs

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An excellent product! Wish we had a bigger house so we could have more of these! This enables our handicapped daughter to transport her folded laundry and not have everything falling over. The wheels are great...very smooth. Thanks for a great product!

Josephine T.

Amazing Product!

I really appreciate the professionalism and quick service of the folks at Norton Supply. I will definitely order items from Norton Supply in the future.

Dennis Wayman

Totally worth it

so glad to have purchased this item...saving my back from heavy laundry basket...easy to put together and easily maneuvered...

Kelly Y.

Love it !!!

My new laundry cart is so nice. My only complaint is that it seems low. I wish the legs were adjustable so it could be raised so I didn’t have to bend over to push it.

Yana T.

Rhino Bags

I absolutely love these rhino bags! Very durable for my wash and fold laundry. Customers can see that we care about their clothes.

Nikki B

Laundry should be easy, getting products easier.

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Customer Reviews

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Wally LaLa's Laundromat
Not Worth the Hassle

The product size and configuration simply doesn't work in our vending machine. The packaging is different and not a standard box like everything else you purchase for vending through Norton. It's a plastic container with rounded edges and it's a little too thick to fall easily through the dispensing slot.
Additionally, the liquid inside combined with the rounded edges means it doesn't stay in the stack. It's continually falling out and on top of my head when I open the vending machine to restock product. Customers don't like it either - it's our slowest seller, which means I'm stuck with it. Really not happy with this product! I'm thinking I'll have to drop the price on the product in order to get it out of my inventory with zero profit margin.

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