(Video) Increase Profits by Modifying Pricing on Coin Chutes

Ever wondered about raising prices?


We often think about how we can help our business owners make more profit. An easy and effective way is to change some of your out dated pricing. The cost of products to your business has increased in the past years so why shouldn't it increase for your customers?

Let's assume your laundry machines average 10 soap vends per day. If you increased each vend by 25 cents, your normal operations could generate an additional $900 a year. Changing the pricing in a laundromat is often necessary to keep up with the fluctuations of day to day costs. Most laundromats use an 8 slot coin chute for up to $2 pricing or a 5 slot coin chute for up to $1.25. If you use a Greenwald V5 Coin Chute or a Greenwald V8 Coin Chute you are in luck. These are very easy to make price changes with.

In this video, Chuck shows us how to change the price on a Greenwald V5 coin slide. Also, Gold Coin Laundry demonstrate a V8 Coin slide.


These easy to follow videos will give you the confidence to go ahead and change your own price settings. Use it, share it and make more money. The Greenwald Coin Chutes make it easy to change pricing and generate more profits. Prices always seem to be trending up, and to be able to stay in sync with those increases we need the ability to change prices on the fly. It is more important than ever to remain profitable on all the items you sell in your store, including the vended items. 

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