A Coin Laundromat Owner’s Guide To Social Media Reviews

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Customer reviews on social media sites such as Facebook or Yelp can either greatly benefit or severely harm your business. Although you can’t control what customers say about your coin laundry, you can control how you respond, which will affect your company’s reputation. You can also make a sincere effort to get better reviews. Keep reading to learn what to do when you get a bad review, as well as how to encourage positive customer feedback.

A Coin Laundromat Owner’s Guide To Reviews

How to handle bad reviews

The first thing you should do after receiving negative feedback on one of your social media pages is to respond as soon as possible. A fast response shows that your business cares about the satisfaction of its customers.

So how do you respond to an unhappy customer? Always apologize and restate their complaint, then discuss how you plan to resolve the issue. For example, if they were unhappy that the soap vending machine wasn’t working when they visited your coin laundry, let them know you’re having your maintenance team make the necessary fixes immediately.

Never respond with the first thought that comes to mind, as it’s usually not the most mature or professional. Take the time to craft a clear, short, understanding, and positive response. Be sure to provide your contact information because if they’d like to continue the conversation it’s best to do so over the phone. This also shows excellent customer service.

One last important tip - don’t take responding to an upset customer as an opportunity to state your case. If a customer didn’t have a good experience, making excuses or justifying your stance isn’t the best approach. Instead, assume responsibility for your mistakes and work to come up with a resolution. Keep in mind that many customers will go back and change their negative review if it’s met with an understanding response and a speedy resolution.

Getting more positive reviews

The most obvious step you can make toward getting better reviews on social networks is to provide exceptional service. Give your customers something to rave about, not something to rant about. Make your coin laundromat stand out from your competitors. Your service needs to be worth their effort to go and leave the review.

Research shows that 86% of customers will pay more money for a better customer experience. You can improve your customer experience in many different ways. More and more coin laundromats are choosing to provide free Wi-Fi for their customers’ convenience, and air conditioning for their comfort.

In addition to enhancing the customer experience, it’s completely acceptable to ask your customers for honest reviews. Post signs or window stickers around your store that direct customers to your social media pages. You can even provide an incentive to motivate them, like one free wash cycle if they submit a review!


In this digital age, many customers look to online reviews to help them make a decision on where to spend their money. By resolving negative reviews, improving your customer experience, and encouraging positive reviews, you can make your coin laundry more successful and more profitable.   

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