StreeTan - 1 gal


StreeTan, 1 Gal.
  • Safest for Tannin Stains. StreeTAN, the acidified formula, safely and efficiently removes beverage and tannin stains. Seldom responding to a neutral spotter, the stains in this group often require acidic action for complete removal... but certain sensitive dyes may be damaged by products with unknown acidity. When using StreeTAN, you can be assured of safe removal of tannin stains.
  • StreeTAN is safest for coffee, beer, grass, liquor, mustard, soft drinks, tea, wine and other tannin stains. Choose StreeTAN for safe, fast and effective removal of tannin stains.
  • Remains Safe, Even When Applying Steam.
  • Quick and Easy Stain Removal.
  • Effectively Removes Last Traces of Ink Stains.

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