Pyratex, 1 gal.


Pyratex, 1 gal.
  • Oil-based paint, nail polish, adhesives, and inks, can be very difficult stains to remove. For these tough stains, garment care professionals choose Pyratex.
  • Its unique solvent, detergent and pigment soil suspension properties allow Pyratex to remove even the heaviest dry-side stains.
  • Pyratex, which does not contain moisture, prevents stains like cosmetics, shoe polish, and others that contain dye from spreading and becoming more difficult to remove.
  • Dry-side stain removal with Pyratex before drycleaning is the most effective way to remove dry-side stains.
  • Contains Quick-Cutting Solvents.
  • Contains No Moisture.
  • Contains an Oily Base.
  • Tackles Exceptionally Heavy Stains.

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