1st Bad Review

1st Bad Review

     Recently, on the Coin Laundry Association open forum a member was asking for advice on what to do with their first bad review. This blog will give some best practices in dealing with bad reviews. Bad reviews happen but it is how we as business owners and professional deal with them that is important. cla open forum 


     Something I would challenge the business owner with is to ask the following question before addressing the review. Why might the customer write a negative review? You have to think empathetically about what it feels like to be this particular customer. Whether it is a rational reason or not something can be done to fix the situation in most cases.


     Think about the reasoning the customer had. Was it an actual problem or issue that needed to be addressed? If so brainstorm some ways you can do something about it before contacting the customer.

Key points to consider:

  1. Fix your service or customer care policy that caused the issue.
  2. Attempt to contact the customer whether on your website, google, yelp, amazon, or ext. Practice good communication with the customer to help them understand what is being done to solve their problem when applicable.
  3. Avoid returning fire if  the customer is being snarky or rude. Demonstrate professionalism when replying. This will keep a positive image of your business.
  4. You should expect negative reviews. It is best to try and dilute them with positive reviews. Promote customer reviews whenever you can.


     There are positives to bad reviews. Depending on your outlook this could help build customer relationships. You can build relationships with the customer who had the initial bad review or with new customers who will see you as a business owner caring about the customer. Customers want to feel as though the business owner is looking out for them. By responding in a positive manner you can reassure them of this.


     I hope this blog can provide some insight into what to do with a bad review. If further information is needed check out this website : 10 ideas: how to fix damning business reviews. Also, if you would like to stay up to date on what is happening in the laundry community join the CLA.

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