The Tide Challenge: Explained

     The Tide Challenge explained: Tide Pod Challenge has emerged from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. It has become quite a popular challenge. The challenge all stems from one common problem: dealing with pesky stains ruining clothes.


     Tide offers a solution with the powerful nature of their detergents. Specifically, the challenge deals with Tide Pods. The Pod is a combination of three power packed solutions (Tide Pods). There is a stain remover, brightener, and detergent. The claim is with their powers combined, they beat even the toughest stains.


     However, for the nonbelievers of the Tide Pod’s true power there is a challenge. The challenge is simply ruin your favorite clothing with intentional staining. Then wash the ruined clothing with a single Tide Pod. Resulting in clean stain free clothing.


     Recently, there has been a slew of videos attempting the challenge. In the videos the challenge is accepted and completed. The power of combining all three products has been proven to work in numerous videos.


     This is the original video that started the challenge. Tide asked the slow mo guys to test their product and the results are awesome.



     Procter and Gamble is challenging you to try it.  So, Grab some Pods and see if they can get the toughest stains out of your clothing. From all of here at Norton Supply we wish you luck.

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