Spotting Tank & Spray Gun


Spotting Tank & Spray Gun
  • Versatile and capable of operating several stations from one tank
  • Simply insert coupling tees on the nylon hose and add extra Deluxe Spray Guns to suit your needs
  • Dual rubber handle grips provide ease in movement to satellite workstations
  • Handles all water based or solvent based treatments
  • Pre spotting and spotting chemicals, leveling agents, spray starch, water repellents, or water mist
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Complete gun, hose, and tank assembly includes:
    GUN Deluxe Water Spray Gun Part No WSG:
    • Made of tough Acetal plastic, nickel plated brass, nylon and Viton components
    • Chemical and impact resistant
    • Durable construction promotes long life
    • Lightweight, ergonomic shape eliminates operator fatigue
    • Pre-adjusted and operates on any pressure from 40 to 120 psi
    • Includes a screen to help prevent the gun from clogging
    • Emits a fine conical misting spray
    • Trouble free operation
    • Noncorrosive
    • Non-drip
    Hose - 7Foot Self Coiling Nylon Hose
    • Resilient nylon hose self coils for easy use
    • Antikink springs prevent hose damage
    • Viton sealed fittings
    Tank - Pressurized Spray Tank
    • Five Gallon solvent resistant stainless steel tank
    • Viton gaskets and seals
    • Handles all water based and solvent based spray solutions
    • One way, safe and reliable pressure regulator and gauge
    • Protective rubber coating on handles and base for safety and ease in transport
    • Large oval lid for quick cleaning and changing of spray solutions
    • Lightweight Just under 10 lbs empty