Sign - Washing And Drying Instructions


SKU: L441
"Washing & Drying Instructions: Do not overloads the machines. Select washer temperature desired. Select dryer temperature desired. NO DYEING of clothes permitted. Please leave the machines clean. USE CATION: Most of today's garments are made of synthetic materials and are easily damaged by improper laundering. Clothes that were washed in water that is too hot or over dried in a dryer may shrink, melt or changer color. WARNING! Use Washers And Dryers At Own Risk We Are Not Responsible For Loss Or Damage Of Clothes"
  • CoinOp Laundry Sign 
  • Attractive & informative Laminated signs make your job easier and insure compliance with local regulations
  • They have doubled sided adhesive for easy hanging
  • White background and Blue Text
  • Dimensions12" x 16"