Drop Off Starter Kit 500 4minute bag


SKU: A-910
Drop Off Starter Kit with Rolled Bags

Contains just about everything you would need to get into the drop-off business; Kit Includes:

  • Guidelines and ideas to consider when starting a Drop Off Wash, Dry and Fold, from advertising and accounting to operating and customer relatations
  • Shirt sleeve bags designed for drop-off with dispenser box that fits easily under a counter, holds 500 bags
  • Signage package including:
    • Two 4 minute posters which are bright blue with a red clock showing 4 minutes elapsed. "Two minutes to drop it off, two minutes to pick it up."
    • An hours sign that adheres to the window and has numbers to display your hours of operation
    • A wall sign that shows what you charge per pound for the service
    • Two bumper stickers with catchy phrases are also included
  • Washer/dryer identification numbers to identify which washer your customer`s laundry is in and four color coated magnet strips for color coding orders
  • Two pocket attendant apron with red clock logo and slogan