How do I earn Rewards Points?

This is where we are reinventing the wheel - you’ve earned them.

Our point system is this, there isn’t a point ‘system’, you simply earn discounts on your purchases in real time, every time.

No longer do you have to wait for your points to materialize, check your point balances, wait for double point offers, or call to have them applied - your discounts are applied to your order at time of checkout.  And, the more you buy, the more you save.

Here’s how it works, unlike our old system that earned a flat rate of 1% ($1 for every $100 spent), we’ve staggered it.  From $100 to $499, there is a 1% discount, $500 to $999 a 2% discount, a lastly a 3% discount for any order over $1000.  That is money up front, at checkout!

Gone are the worries about credits, negative balances and expiration.  You buy, you save, not just one time, but all the time.

Admittedly, it is a much easier system for us to administer, but it is also answering the question many of you have asked us over the years - why can’t I use these now, why wait?  We hope to make it easier for you to do business with us, and we listen.

This program allows us more flexibility across different product groups and more specific products.  We hope you see the value in it and thank you again for being a customer.

We have kept track of any points previously earned and usable, and would be happy to look them up for you to apply to an existing order.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us: