Top 5 Quick and Easy Website Tips

Top 5 Quick and Easy Website Tips.

     We have compiled a list of 5 best practices for you and your website:


1. Give visitors some breathing room:

     White space on your page is a good thing. Too much clutter and information is overwhelming to customers. This is called managing the white space. The more spaced out content is allows for more focus on content. If you have a lot of graphics, calls-to-action, links, and menu options clutter is created. It is best to limit these types of clutter. Use them tastefully however. Also, keep paragraphs short and to the point. Along with managing the white space, content should be readable. Choose font style and size wisely.

Untitled design (2)-1.png

Website on the left is an example of a lot of clutter. The website on  the right demonstrates white space.


2. Your website must be mobile friendly (responsive):

     Is your site mobile friendly? This is what we call a responsive site. A responsive site responds to whatever device the user is accessing your site through. In a responsive site content like text, images, and videos changes size to accommodate different device screens. Think about the content on your site being like water. Water is able to form any shape it is poured into. Your site's content needs to follow this principle.



     The fact that over 50% of Americans have smartphones should be enough to make you consider a responsive site.  More and more customers will be searching for you on their mobile phones. Creating ease of access to your site is key to satisfying existing customer or attract new ones. If you have a website your customers should have access to it no matter their device.


3. Make your site easy to navigate:

     There is an art to making your sight navigable. It starts with a simple well placed menu. The menu does not need to be fixed to the top of a page it just needs to be simple. Do not confuse users with a complex menu. After the menu and heading it is beneficial to give the readers subheadings to make skimming easy. Making your site skimmable and navigable are vital for today's viewers. Here are a few additional tips for doing this:

  • Make the first two words of a paragraph count
  • Use lists and bullets
  • Ensure all links on your site are working properly


4. Use visuals to enhance content and readability:

     It is true that a photo is worth a thousands words. Well I would say a good photo is worth a thousand words. Using visuals effectively in a website will enhance the readability. A well placed photo can be used to break-up text and help you manage the white space. Refrain from irrelevant images.




5. Keep information current and relevant:  

     Maintaining relevance throughout content and up-to-date information is essential to any site. So things like updating hours of operation are important. A working up-to-date direction widget and updated testimonials in your website are also really relevant. Testimonials are a very powerful, yet underutilized, internet marketing tool that helps businesses build credibility, alleviate concerns, and convert viewers to customers. If your website is out of date and you keep website development in house it may be worth reconsidering your approach. 



     The key question you should ask yourself after this blog is: What do I want my website too achieve and how? Think about it. Put some time into this question. I am sure the return on investment will prove time well spent. I hope that this may help you develop a stunning new age website for your customers.


     Get the conversation started about your site or sites today. 

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