Lets assume your laundry machines average 10 vends per day. If you increased each vend by 25 cents, your normal operations could generate an additional $900 a year. Changing the pricing in a laundromat is often necessary to keep up with the fluctuation of day to day costs. Most laundromats use an 8 slot coin chute for up to $2 pricing or a 5 slot coin chute for up to $1.25. If you use a Greenwald V5 Coin Chute or a Greenwald V8 Coin Chute you are in luck. These are very easy to make price changes with.

Chuck shows us how to change the price on a Greenwald V5 coin slide:

You will need to remove the coin chute from the machine by accessing it from the service door on your washing machine. This is attached by chute bolt that can be removed with a 5/16” socket wrench. You can then easily remove coin chute mechanism from the machine.

To change the pricing you will first need to release the slide return spring. Now turn over the chute so the coin slots are facing down. There are two buffer screw that will need to be removed. You will need to use a Phillips head screw driver. By removing these two screw you will need to flip the chute over and remove the buffer plate at the back. You can now flip back over and the slide will release. There are two screws you will need to remove from the slide. Once these screws are removed the coin locking mechanism can added or removed be tapped out. Once the desired coin slides are available reverse steps and reinstall into your machine.

Below you will find detailed detections provided by Greenwald:

Changing the price on a Vertical 5 Coin Chute and Vertical 8 Coin Chute

  1. Disconnect power to the machine.
  2. Open service door.
  3. Using a 5/16 socket wrench loosen and remove the chute bolt.
  4. Lifting up and out remove the coin chute with extension attached, from the meter case.
  5. Remove slide return spring (#1).
  6. Place coin(s) in coin slot(s) and push forward all the way.
  7. Remove buffer screws using a Phillips screw driver.
  8. Turn coin chute upside down and remove buffer (#2).
  9. Install/remove required number of blockout keys (#3). Remove keys to increase or add keys to lower the vend.
  10. Reassemble buffer.
  11. Pull slide back to original position and reassemble slide return spring.
  12. Install appropriate price decals (#4 & #5).
  13. Once the price is changed re-install the coin chute into the meter case and secure in place and tighten with chute bolt with the socket wrench used in Step 3.

If you are weary about raising the price of each vend at your laundromat, here is an easy way to weigh the return. Take the total number of vends per day, multiply that by 25 cents. This will give you your potential profit gain from just simply opening up on coin slot on your coin chutes.

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